Saturday, July 24, 2010

Campaign Signs Stolen!!!

I have placed about 250 campaign signs throughout Sevier County trying to get myself recognized and       compete in the election process and give people a choice in the voting process. As with everything else that goes on in this county I have found there are many people in the county that do not like the process to make
change and there least 100  of my campaign signs stolen. I have placed these signs next to the incumbent signs as well as a well known and entrenched incumbent constable and their signs are left and mine have been taken.

To make matters worse, one of my signs was in a friends yard and he observed a Sevier County patrol car with the headlights off around midnight and a deputy in his yard with my sign in his hands. When he was caught, he dropped the sign and jumped in his patrol car and drove away with the headlights off. It's pretty clear to me who the deputy was and has been identified as the same deputy who spotlighted a deer on TVA property and was caught by TWRA that led to the deputy being fired by Sheriff Bruce Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery was very a very fair person but would not tolerate this kind of activity even if it was a political supporter. Seals however has hired this guy back knowing he was a criminal, but did so because of his good ole boy way of doing business. He did his buddy a favor and hired this guy, that has put an officer on the street with a very compromised reputation just as he allowed Paul Litner to be hired knowing he was convicted felon. Seals has went further to comment in the Mountain Press he is not going to change anything about his department.  That means to me he is going to continue hiring who he wants with whatever background just becasue he is doing someone a favor.

Another deputy was also seen in the Richardson Cove area when a sign there disappeared but at this time I am unable to confirm the deputies identity.  I have made an offense report with the Sheriff department for the good it will do, but there have been other ways instituted to identify the people stealing these signs and they will be prosecuted!!! These criminals and any like them should pray I am not elected to the Sheriff position. One should remember the ass you kick today may  belong to the person whose ass you will kiss tommorrow. How is law enforcement going to be effective, when the cops are as dirty as the criminals. This needs to stop now, but I am sure the department will readily defend these thugs that are stealing the campaign signs. I have also seen some of the incumbent signs with large O' s with a slash across them where somone has vandalized the signs. This needs to stop. In order for everyone to have a fair vote they need to leave the proces alone. If these are the type of people that are supporting me, I don't want their vote, nor do I need to interfere with trying to stop some of this sneaky and illegal activity in this county that the Chief of Law Enforcement is responsbile for.

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